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Evasion is the one and only jailbreak tool which can be use to jailbreak your Ios 7 running devices
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23 December 2013

Evasion 1.0 review

To be a poet means a little bit more than just to find funny rhymes. Some poets suggest that they are great enough to break common grammatical rules of the language. Evasion will help you to do this at least fashionable.
This program is very simple. After downloading it as the exe-file you’ll need just to launch it and then to realize that you could leave your own mark in the modern poetry. It will remove vowels, spaces or common words from your masterpieces to make their rhythm stronger and expressed better than it is. All you have to do is just to convert your poetry into txt-format and then just open it through the Evasion, having at least one of its three main features switched on. It could be the best topic for a scientific conference, whether such programs are produced for writing rubbish instead of real poetry or not, but the Evasion, to my mind, is one of the most interesting programs, which was developed to please creative people and just curious persons. It requires Win98 or higher – and, of course, your interest.

Publisher's description

Now you are ready to jailbreak Ios 7 running devices successfully, You can do this process using Evasion jailbreak tool. Evasion is a free jailbreak tool which can be use with your Ios 7 running devices. This jailbreak tool run with Windows and MAC platforms. All jailbreak process will take only less than minutes to complete.
Sysetem Requirements
Windows (XP minimum)
Mac OS X (10.6 minimum)
iTunes installed
USB cable connect to your computer
Simple guide to use Evasion
Disable your device passcodes and backup passwords
Backup your device with iTunes
Close iTunes and iTunes related applications
Download our Evasion tool and Run program. You need to wait till end of jailbreak process. If any error contact us using our email -

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